Rent Car

Rent a car in Yerevan

Visitors of Yerevan are often faced with the problem of moving from one point to another. Some are not satisfied with dusty and dirty taxis, others do not want to waste time waiting for the arrival of the cars. In the end you just want to get a car which will be waiting for you right where you left it. You want to drive a clean, safe and comfortable vehicle.
City Centre Hotel Yerevan can help you to solve this problem. Our company offers car rental services in Yerevan. All vehicles in our fleet are regularly tested to ensure that we can guarantee our clients safety. We keep our vehicles clean because any flaw in the services we provide is a flaw in our company. You are going to an event and do not want to get behind the wheel? No question. We also provide rental services of a driver with a car. Our experienced staff will always be there and will help at any time.

Short-term car rental is the perfect way to get rid of unnecessary fuss and time spent on waiting. Rent a car in Yerevan has no problem thanks to our reliable and high-quality car rental services.
Car rental is carried out in a few minutes. Just let us know which of our vhicles you need. We have a wide range of models of exclusive representation cars, including the brands Mercedes, Lexus and many others. Contact us and our operators will help you to resolve any issues about the rental.

To avoid wasting time, we recommend you to place your order in advance to make sure that your chosen car is available just when you need it, and you are not obliged to wait for it. For car rental you will need to pay a deposit. Its amount depends on the type of the selected vehicle and various other provisions of the lease City Centre Hotel Yerevan offers the most favorable conditions of car rental in Yerevan. We have affordable prices which will pleasantly surprise you. Our experience allows us to say that we have the best service of car rental in Yerevan. Make a trip to Armenia convenient, enjoyable and varied with the City Centre Hotel Yerevan. Let us take care of all the smallest details, and you will remember your stay in Armenia as one of the most enjoyable in your life.