Tours and excursions in Armenia

journal_proc.phpAmong the variety of travel agencies Picnic chain of hotels stands out due to the quality of the services it offers. Our hotel offers also a great number of tours to help you explore the enchanting beauty of the popular sights in Armenia and the history, culture and traditions of the Armenian people. Check the detailed description of our tours below, choose your destinations and let your trip begin! Tours can be booked both in advance and upon your arrival. For your maximum convenience though, we recommend you to book them in advance. In case you doubt which destination to choose our staff is always ready to help you find what suits you the greatest way. Our vehicles are of the highest quality, and are always kept up to the highest standards of maintenance and cleanliness. Our drivers take all security precautions to make your trip safe and enjoyable. All our guides are experienced professionals with the excellent knowledge of the language you request and are always there to provide assistance and information regarding any issue you are interested in. Stay with us and let us make your trip the experience of a lifetime!

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